Pierre du Calvet – Best Hotels and Casinos

Our community knows all about the beautiful city of Montreal and absolutely wants to share our experiences with you.

Our goal is to tell tourists and locals about the hotels, restaurants, activities, and events of this beautiful city in Quebec.

We’ll tell you what to see and visit during the daytime as well as indicate some nice places of Montreal’s nightlife, including night bars, dance clubs and even casinos for those who like to gamble.

By the way, according to this online casino reviewer, Montreal can boast of having some of the nicest land-based casinos in Canada.

It all started with a visit to hotel Pierre du Calvet in Montreal, which made a lasting impression on us. It is worth noting that Pierre du Calvet has a history of its own. It is not just a hotel, but an experience you will never forget. The rooms are spectacular, the food fabulous and the unique furnishings are like stepping into a museum. It was the location of Maison Pierre du Calvet that motivated us to share the brilliance of the experience, and that started the story of our blog, our stories, and the recommendations that you can read and be inspired by!

Best Hotels in Montreal

As one of Canada’s most radiant cities, Montreal is a fantastic place to visit whether for business or simply leisure. Located in the province of Quebec, Montreal is one of those cities that epitomizes the Canadian spirit. If you like to travel, there are hundreds of reasons to visit this city.

Quebec is the French province of Canada, so it presents an incredible convergence of cultures, very difficult to find anywhere else, especially in Canada. If you don’t speak French, don’t rush. There will be the occasional place where they won’t speak to you in English, but this won’t usually be the case.

A great way to get to know Montreal is to stay in a luxury hotel. This ensures you’ll enjoy the best possible amenities.

Here are five of the best luxury hotels in Montreal.

The Ritz-Carlton Montreal

The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal

The Ritz-Carlton enjoys an excellent reputation around the world, which is why it is known worldwide. When you stay at establishments like these, you know you’re in for a world-class experience.

The Ritz-Carlton Montreal is a place that offers perfection, plain and simple. It offers all kinds of top-notch services, which is why it has such a reputation. In fact, this was the first Ritz-Carlton in North America. It is a historic facility.

In terms of amenities, there are a few that stand out. One of them is a world-class restaurant. The rooms are spectacular, the common areas impressive and your stay magnificent.

Address: 1228 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3G 1H6, Canada.

Four Seasons Montreal building

Four Seasons Montreal

Like the Ritz-Carlton, the Four Seasons is another fabulous chain that exudes luxury. Unlike the Ritz, the Four Seasons Montreal is very contemporary and adds a touch of opulence to your stay.

With elegant décor and exceptional rooms, this should be a top choice for you. There are a total of 169 rooms. However, there are also 18 private residences. If you’re on a bit more of a budget, don’t miss out on the experience of having your own private residence.

Having been built in 2019, this is a super new and updated place within Montreal. With facilities like this, your experience is impeccably assured.

Address: 1440 Rue de la Montage, H3G 1Z5 Montreal, Canada.

Le Mount Stephen building

Le Mount Stephen

There are areas in Montreal with their own subculture, and one of the most unique is the Golden Square Mile. This is the historic shopping district that is also home to the Le Mount Stephen Hotel.

What’s interesting about Le Mount Stephen is its unique blend of historic and modern elements. It is rare to have a state-of-the-art establishment in such an old area.

As for the hotel itself, there are 90 rooms and incredible amenities such as a spa, a restaurant, a bar, and much more. So not only is it in a great location but there are all sorts of things to do on the premises.

Address: 1440 Rue Drummond, H3G 1V9 Montreal, Canada.

Cathédrale Marie Reine du Monde à Montréal Canada

Queen Elizabeth Montreal

Next on our list is the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. It has recently undergone a complete renovation, making it a fabulous choice in Montreal. It has some extra cost services, but they are worth it. You can even stay in the same room John Lennon once occupied.

This place is packed with top-notch amenities, one of which is a spa. One of them is a spa – who wouldn’t want to unwind after a busy day with a soothing spa session? Not to mention its pool, bar, and so on.

Overall, the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth is a solid choice for those who want luxury yet simplicity. More information about all the benefits you can find on the hotel website.

Address: 900 René-Lévesque Blvd W, Montreal, QC H3B 4A5, Canada.

Sofitel Montreal building

Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile

Finally, we completed our list with the Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile. This is an elegant place frequented by executives and business people. If you’re in town for work, you’ll probably fit right in. If not, it’s still fabulous accommodation.

Like many others on this list, it has a spa, swimming pool, gym, and bar at your service. You won’t have to go far to enjoy your stay. You have the Renoir, the in-house restaurant, but also choose to go out and enjoy the local food.

Address: 1155 Sherbrooke Ouest, H3A 2N3 Montreal, Canada.

Best Restaurants in Montreal

There are those who eat to live and those who live to eat. This list is for the latter: those who find extreme pleasure in discovering new gastronomic destinations and making memories of unforgettable flavours.


Les Filles Du Roy

Built in 1725 under French rule, Les Filles du Roy is the oldest private house in the city. The distinctive red façade draws patrons from the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal and once inside, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the mysterious and whimsical atmosphere created by the beamed ceilings, stone walls, and wood panelling. In addition to the stunning setting, the food here is also spectacular, with the chef creating wonderful new flavours by blending local and traditional Quebec produce with a French flair. There is a wide range of fabulous French and Quebec wines, as well as an extensive cocktail menu to enjoy in summer on the terrace, accompanied by their many beautiful exotic birds.


For a taste of the old continent: European. This elegant Relais & Châteaux restaurant offers an unparalleled dining experience in the heart of downtown.

La Chronique

For foie gras lovers: La Chronique. We go for the best foie gras in Montreal and come back for the impeccable French-inspired menu

Maison Boulud

For a Michelin-starred experience: Maison Boulud. Chef Daniel Boulud’s vast experience shines through in chef Riccardo Bertolino and elegant service reigns supreme in the sumptuous dining room.

Joe Beef

If your goal is a quintessential Montreal night out, Joe Beef is the place. Here you’ll find the best that Montreal has to offer, paired with a glass of natural wine (or 5) and one of the best menus in town.

Le Filet

For seafood lovers: Le Filet. Excellent ocean-inspired dishes are a delight in the city centre. Be sure to try the sea urchin appetizer on toasted bread with seaweed butter and apple jam.

Restaurant Le St-Urbain

For those who don’t hesitate to come and enjoy a good meal: Le St-Urbain. One of the best tables in Montreal, this restaurant is a little far from the city centre, but well worth a visit for its elegant dishes and excellent wine list.

Estiatorio Milos

For those in search of exotic flavours: Estiatorio Milos. A wide variety of exquisite Mediterranean dishes, fresh seafood, and sumptuous desserts are served in a true Greek party atmosphere.

Bouillon Bilk

For those who want to feel very Montreal: Bouillon Bilk. This restaurant is so discreet that you can walk past it without seeing it. However, it would be a shame to miss its sophisticated but unpretentious dishes served in minimalist décor.

Le Mousso

For any art lover: Le Mousso. The chef, Antonin Rivard-Mousseau, comes from a fabulous line of artists and it shows! And just because this artist has chosen food as his medium of expression doesn’t mean his work is any less impressive, because every dish is an incredible and delicious work of art.

Primo & Secondo

In search of la dolce vita? Primo & Secondo is the place for you. Established in Little Italy in 2001, Primo & Secondo is the perfect place to enjoy classic Italian cuisine served in an elegant setting. The service is impeccable.

Chez Sophie

For the love of French cuisine, there is Chez Sophie. After honing her skills in Europe at several Michelin-starred restaurants, chef Sophie Tabet brought with her to Montreal, in addition to her talent for haute cuisine, her husband and sommelier partner.

Best Casinos in Montreal

Casino Montreal is one of the largest casinos in Canada. Its 9-storey building is truly impressive. It is located on an artificial island (Notre-Dame Island), created from the rubble left by the construction of the underground metro a few years ago. Minors (under 18 years of age) are not allowed on the island.

There, you will find not only slot machines and gaming tables, but also large and exclusive restaurants, bars, and special rooms for events.

To get to Casino Montréal, take the metro to Parc Jean-Drapeau and then take the only bus to the island, which drops you off at the main entrance. However, the casino offers free transportation to all players, from 4 locations in Montreal:

Casinos Montreal logo
  • 1001, Square Dorchester. (Boarding between Peel and Metcalfe)
  • 900, Boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth. (Boarding on Mansfield street)
  • 201, Av. Viger Ouest, Palais des congrès. (Boarding corner Viger and Côté)
  • 77, Rue University, Delta Centre-Ville.
  • Routes leave every hour throughout the day.
  • Access by car was easy; there is plenty of free parking.

On the same island where the Casino Montreal is located, you can visit the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where the Canadian Grand Prix is held in early June. During our visit, we had the opportunity to tour the Formula 1 track in our car free of charge.

OK Poker, the name of the Canadian Casino’s Poker Room, is located on the 6th floor of the main tower in a separate area. It has its own cashier, bar, and restaurant, as well as a self-service hot and cold drinks station.

When entering the Casino the easiest way to guide you to the Poker Room is to follow the red line on the carpet.

OK Poker at Casino Montreal is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

During our visit, there was always a great flow of players. The morning and early morning hours are the slowest times, but even then you’ll find 2 or 3 $1/$2 tables, and sometimes 1 or 2 $2/$5 tables.

Even during the coldest days of our visit (-30°c), and special dates like Christmas and New Year we found tables available.

If you want to know how many cash tables are open, you can call (+1)5143922761 or you can download the Poker Atlas app. The information on the casino website was very clear and accurate during our visit.

They run daily tournaments, with different guarantees and structures.  On their website, you can see the full tournament schedule by season, or by going to the OK Poker website.

There are also other gambling establishments close to Casino Montreal that you can visit: