Things to Do in Montrea

There are plenty of things to do and to visit in this broad and unexpected metropolis.

Churches, architecture, and powerful cathedrals

If you can’t stand the beauty of architecture and are interested in religion, you should definitely visit 17th-century Catholic Church – Notre-Dame Basilica, and St. Patrick’s Basilica with its amazing hand-crafted frescos, and 19th-century mosaic interior. Montreal is also famous for such architectural heritage as Saint Joseph’s Oratory, the McGill University, where the John Redpath Museum is situated.

Notre Dame Basilica
Grévin Museum

Historical monuments and museums

If you are fond of history, do not miss the chance to visit the Archaeological and Historical Complex, which include such a famous museums as Pointe-a-Calliere, Chateau Ramezay Historic Site and Museum, Chateau Dufresne, and Chalet Du Mont-Royal, with its outstanding, and unforgettable panorama view of the city.

One more must-have place to visit is the contemporary Grévin Museum. It gives everyone the opportunity to see gorgeous wax figures and the biggest collection of monsters of Barbie Expo museum in Les Cours.

Science and cosmos

For a riveting experience of the Cosmos and its elements do not forget to visit the fantastic Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan, with its museum of the Biosphere environment and modern educational center. To find out more about science take a tour of the Botanical Garden, and visit the natural museum Biodome.

Montreal Planetarium
Olympic stadium

Active time

Old Montreal has a lot of sights for an everyday stopover: walking, discovering new points, shopping, and, of course, restaurants.

You should definitely visit the Olympic Park, and enjoy the power of the Bell Centre hockey arena. 


Being a nightlife seeker, you will adore comedy clubs, great variations of pubs and bars, as well as music festivals, such as Osheaga and Igloofest, International Jazz Festival.

Nightlife Monreal
Montreal casino


Gambling enthusiasts can have a great time visiting the Casino de Montreal. The casino is situated on the ‘Ile Notre-Dame’, and is famous to be one of the world’s largest gambling establishments with a great number of slot machines and poker tables.