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The Authentic Restaurant
"Les Filles du Roy"

To dine in a more casual atmosphere, have a quick light meal or midday snack, our restaurant "Les Filles du Roy" is the perfect place to be.

From organic produce and other local fresh products, our chef and his aids concoct skilful menus to surprise your senses with authentic taste, textures & aromas.
Dining Room Bonsecours

The main room of the house is the restaurant Bonsecours. The room is impressive with its large silk draped windows, imposing copper and bronze Victorian chandelier and Victorian buffet taking us back to one of Montreal’s most opulent periods during the XIXth century.
In the center of the room, we can find comfortable leather padded English "Chesterfields" and Louis XIII tapestry arm chairs where you can have a cocktail or a digestive in front of an imposing fireplace.

The tables are placed all around the center of the room to preserve a great sense of intimacy to all our guests.
The room is also furnished with game trophies, a reminder of the heroic hunting period in Canada. On top of an old rifle we can see an old photo of Jean-Baptiste Groleau, born in 1854, one of the last great hunters of that period and great grandfather to Ronald Dravigné, one of the owners today.
On an adjacent wall we can also see a wedding picture of Arthur-Pierre Beaupré and Séraphine Perrin, grand parents to Gaëtan B. Trottier, one of the owners today. This picture was taken in New York City in 1898 during their honeymoon.
Dining Room St-Paul
More than anything, the restaurant "Les Filles du Roy" portrays Old-Montreal’s traditions. Founded in the 60's, this eating place is the oldest in the neighbourhood and serves flavourful meals that contribute to maintain Quebec’s reputation in gastronomy cuisine.

The layout of the restaurant is like in the old days with its old wood stove and its huge stone fireplace. The furniture is rustic and we can also find wickers chairs weaved by Old Lorette Indians as well as see peasant tapestries made in the Portneuf County adorning the walls.